Finance isn't a "One Size Fits All" policy, so why should you have only one option with your current bank when it comes to financing your house, investment, asset or business? At Total Mortgage and Finance, we understand finance, just like we understand people- you're unique, and so are your finance needs.

At Total Mortgage & Finance we're accredited with over 30 different lenders, including the big four banks and a range of second tier and smaller lenders. We can help match you with the right loan for your individual circumstances. We are a fully independent broker with NO alliances to any one particular lender, therefore we work solely for you and your interests. There is NO cost to you for my services, we are paid a commission from the lender for preparing the application and managing the loan through to settlement. The commission we receive is NOT added to the cost of your loan in anyway.

The process is a very simple one. Based on your financial position we can assess which lenders will approve your loan, and then we research to find the best product for your circumstances. We then work with you to gather all the necessary documentation, take you through the loan application, lodge the application and see you through to settlement.

Post settlement, we act as your personal bank manager for the life of the loan. We will be able to assist you with any adjustments you may wish to make to your loan to suit your lifestyle, such as fixing the interest rate, attaching an offset account or increasing your loan.

Simplify your finances- simplify your life. Contact us today to discuss how.